About Love: Concerning The Discrepancies Between Expectations and Reality

by Joseph Lamar

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released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Joseph Lamar Denver, Colorado

Singer, songwriter, producer, storyteller, genre-fucker, the future.

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Track Name: Album Edit
If you aren't the executioner you're the one who's being hung
If you aren't the one singing sad songs you're the song who's being sung
If you aren't grey and wrinkled you're the one who's dying young
If you don't string along some hopeless full you're the fool who's being strung

But who cares?
Love ain't metaphysical
Its not a cosmic thing
Its just a fairytale on a silver screen
I'm not bitter I swear
I've just been around and down and out
I'm jaded I swear
I just know what I'm talking about
Yeah yeah yeah

If you aren't the taker chances are you're being took
And if you aren't the writer you're the one who hates the book
If you aren't a mover and a shaker you're the one who's being shook
If you're not gorgeous you're the one who breaks your fucking neck trying to take a second look

But who cares...

Love is the erosion of your common sense
Love is insanity and rainbows
Love is desperation devastation
Love is hangovers and regret
Love is lemonade and cyanide
Love is ice cream and cavities
Love's a horrid battle that no man has ever one
And if you aren't the shooter than you're staring at the gun

We can get married baby
We can have a pretty divorce
Settle down on the gentrified side of town
With a white picket fence of course
We might have a test tube baby
And name him 'Joseph Part 2'
And he'll have my eyes don't be surprises
If he's crazy like me and you
He'll grow up to be lonely
And he'll never have a single friend
Have his heart broken 10,000 times
And he'll see humanity's end